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Rest in Peace Henriques Lakatoo a.k.a. “Lakas”

I didn’t know him very well. Sheppy told me he first came to the band in ’82 to play for Panorama. So he would have played four of my arrangements; Pan Explosion, Rebecca, Lucy and Pan in Danger. By ’85 he was already coming into the band’s spotlight at the same time my light was[…]

Tribute to a Caribbean cultural icon Mr. Torrance Mohammed

Today, we pay tribute to a Caribbean cultural icon Mr. Torrance Mohammed, with… “A Message To Michael” Michael Manswell: “GM Terry. Torrance Mohammed was robbed beaten and subsequently died in Trinidad . So very Sad – Michael” Terry Brathwaite: “Dear Michael, Greetings. Which Mr. Torrance Mohammed yuh talkin about? He must be an imposter? De[…]

Tribute to Master Drummer Mr. Mathew Roach

Everyone flocked to the soul band / the funk band to hear him. Born and bred Hole material; forged in the fire that was soul music / funk music / contemporary pop music / Panorama music. You name it, he could play it. And play it he did with endless energy and finesse, attracting like[…]

Celebrating Fonclaire’s 55th anniversary

To commemorate their 55th anniversary this year, the NLCB Fonclaire Steel Orchestra’s events committee is drawing upon the expertise of some distinguished local and international artistes of diverse genres to perform at their celebratory concert, Fonclaire 55 The Concert, on April 25, 6 pm, at the Naparima Bowl, 19-21 Paradise Pasture, San Fernando. *Billed to[…]

Sando Mayor praises Fonclaire’s community loyalty

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello has praised the Fonclaire Steel Orchestra for its consistency and loyalty to its community. The 55-year-old steelband is sponsored by the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) and launched a lotto centre and gift shop at its Dottin Street headquarters on Monday morning. Regrello said he believed every steelband in the[…]

Fonclaire Steel Orchestra opens Lotto outlet, gift shop

Every year, steel band leaders are at the mercy of corporate T&T, pleading for funds for the National Panorama Competition, uniforms, tuning and arrangement. But yesterday, NLCB Fonclaire Steel Orchestra took a bold step towards self-sufficiency, opening a Lotto booth and gift shop opposite its panyard along Dottin Street, San Fernando. Incorporated as a Non-Profit[…]

Fonclaire celebrates 55th year with gala concert

In partnership with the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB), Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, located at 8 Dottin Street, San Fernando, recently embarked upon transforming its organisational structure and infrastructure, affording its stage side performance space to be fully refurbished and commercialised. A gift shop and NLCB Lotto Centre, falling under the umbrella of its limited liability[…]

Tribute Service of the Late Milton “Wire” Austin

EULOGY Blessed evening to all present to celebrate the life of Mr. Milton Leslie Joseph Austin, or as he is fondly called: “Wire”! A true San Fernandian in every way, he was born to the now deceased Clarissa and Lisle Austin as the firstborn of seven children, on the 28th June, 1941. Uncle Wire began[…]

NLCB Fonclaire thanked Mr. Erbon Gibbs

The Board of Directors, Management and Members of NLCB Fonclaire, thanked Mr. Erbon Gibbs yesterday, for taking on the role, free of charge, as consultant / contractor for Fonclaire’s Pan-yard Development Program. We have completed Phase One, which facilitates the opening of our Lotto Booth, Gift Shop, Car Wash and new stage side practice space.[…]