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Rest in Peace Henriques Lakatoo a.k.a. “Lakas”

I didn’t know him very well. Sheppy told me he first came to the band in ’82 to play for Panorama. So he would have played four of my arrangements; Pan Explosion, Rebecca, Lucy and Pan in Danger. By ’85 he was already coming into the band’s spotlight at the same time my light was[…]

Tribute to Master Drummer Mr. Mathew Roach

Everyone flocked to the soul band / the funk band to hear him. Born and bred Hole material; forged in the fire that was soul music / funk music / contemporary pop music / Panorama music. You name it, he could play it. And play it he did with endless energy and finesse, attracting like[…]

Tribute to a Caribbean cultural icon Mr. Torrance Mohammed

Today, we pay tribute to a Caribbean cultural icon Mr. Torrance Mohammed, with… “A Message To Michael” Michael Manswell: “GM Terry. Torrance Mohammed was robbed beaten and subsequently died in Trinidad . So very Sad – Michael” Terry Brathwaite: “Dear Michael, Greetings. Which Mr. Torrance Mohammed yuh talkin about? He must be an imposter? De[…]