NLCB Fonclaire thanked Mr. Erbon Gibbs

The Board of Directors, Management and Members of NLCB Fonclaire, thanked Mr. Erbon Gibbs yesterday, for taking on the role, free of charge, as consultant / contractor for Fonclaire’s Pan-yard Development Program.

We have completed Phase One, which facilitates the opening of our Lotto Booth, Gift Shop, Car Wash and new stage side practice space. The other three phases would include our recreation club, improved panorama facility and our administrative offices, conference centre, child care facility for mothers who perform with the band, as well as a home work centre.

Mr. Gibbs has been a member of Fonclaire since 1968. His three children and two in-laws were players and at present his granddaughter is a front line Panorama tenor player. The Gibbs family is truly Fonclaire Forever.

On to the next phase of development…