Tribute to a Caribbean cultural icon Mr. Torrance Mohammed

Today, we pay tribute to a Caribbean cultural icon Mr. Torrance Mohammed, with…

“A Message To Michael”

Michael Manswell:

“GM Terry. Torrance Mohammed was robbed beaten and subsequently died in Trinidad . So very Sad – Michael”

Terry Brathwaite:

“Dear Michael,

Greetings. Which Mr. Torrance Mohammed yuh talkin about? He must be an imposter? De Mr. Torrance Mohammed who nurtured my love of de Creative Arts cah dead! As dey say in de movies “DE STARBOY CAH DEAD”. So stop spreading fake news this early in de morning eh!

Oh Gawd Michael from de first day I saw meh Starboy dance “De Sailor Dance” in Barbados during 1965 when he invited my family to travel with de Arawaks Dance Company on its maiden tour of de island, Mr. Mohammed groomed meh mind, body and soul as an artiste – without boundaries!!! He was also a mentor to soooooo many others before and after me.

To hear dat after 89 years Mr. Mohammed will no longer walk de trail to de Creative Arts Centre because some “East Indian man wearing ah dark blue jersey and ah three quarter khaki pants” murdered him fuh ah blastid gold chain and ah mobile phone is too much tuh bear and leaves meh in pure disbelief.

So doh mess wid meh head dis early Wednesday morning eh. Yuh eh have some Bongo Dance tuh go and finish choreograph? De Devil does always find mischievous wuk for idle hands yuh know.

Luv you always meh brudder. And bear wid meh eh. This ting like an army boots on meh corn, because ah doh know where Mr. Mohammed gorn. So ah hurting, just like de rest of T&T.



May Mr. Torrance Iqbal Mohammed Rest in power and rise in glory.